Inner Strength: 6 Yoga Benefits For Seniors

Apr 27, 2017

Yoga is something we tend to associate with young people, and occasionally with middle-aged fitness enthusiasts. Despite having been in common practice for decades, though, we just can't seem to picture anyone else going through these poses, and...

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Taking Care Forward

Apr 24, 2017

The National Care Forum annual conference is aimed at chief executives, trustees and directors. Each year they invite keynote speakers from across the sector to address the current hot topics and stimulate debate. 

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Why Care Organisations Need to Embrace Technology

Apr 20, 2017

Technology is rapidly changing around the globe. The adult social care industry is not immune to these changes. An organisation’s ability to transform will have a significant impact on their ability to stay current. Care organisations need to...

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Diabetes: Everyday Care

Apr 19, 2017

Available now from the 2017 Residential Care Course Schedule - Diabetes: Everday Care. This course is aligned to the Developing ACC Learning Pathway and CQC Regulations: 9, 10, 12.

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How to Maintain Good Mental Health in Older Age

Apr 13, 2017

Getting older has a bad reputation in our youth-crazed society.  We are taught to fear aging, to expect our quality of life to fade.  Research on all aspects of aging tells us that this is not the case.  If we take care of our bodies and our...

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Are You Providing Career Paths to Retain Your Care Staff?

Apr 06, 2017

The UK is experiencing a dangerous shortage of skilled care staff, one which threatens to compromise aged care in facilities across England.  As The Telegraph notes in a recent article, a study by the International Longevity Centre points to a...

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How Goal Setting for your Care Staff can Improve Staff Retention

Mar 29, 2017

You can’t afford to underestimate the importance of staff retention. Not only does the ability to retain your staff boost your care facility’s financial position, it also provides more stability to the people that call the care facility home....

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Ideal Care Staff Leadership Qualities: 10 Traits to look for

Mar 22, 2017

What traits make a leader in care? Never has there been a time when leaders in healthcare have faced such rapid change or so many challenges.  An aging population and the growing burden of chronic illness, the increasing cost of healthcare...

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10 Great and Memorable Ways to Celebrate Mothers Day

Mar 19, 2017
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New Survey Highlights the True Value of Care Staff Recognition

Mar 15, 2017

A new study has found an effective program for employee engagement should include regularly administering employee engagement, carefully analysing employee attitudes and behaviours, and pro actively making the changes necessary to improve...

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