The Amazing Benefits of Scrapbooking for Seniors

Many care centres have always used scrap booking as a means for keeping residents occupied. Now it’s becoming apparent that there’s more to scrap booking than some of us imagined possible. We’re only just starting to truly grasp all of the amazing benefits of scrapbooking for seniors.

The Amazing Benefits of Scrapbooking for Seniors

3 Amazing Benefits of Scrapbooking for Seniors

1. Improved Cognitive Function

The medical community has only just begun to unravel the mysteries of the mind and to start understanding cognitive impairment, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. As members of the both medical and senior caregivers grow more adept at identifying the early signs of mild cognitive impairment, they’re better able to take steps to slow the impairments progress, which increases the chances of the individual enjoying a high-quality future. One study revealed that 15% of research participants who exhibited advanced mild cognitive impairment will be diagnosed with dementia every single year.

While the medical community searches for potential medical treatments such as surgeries and prescription medications, senior care facilities work to improve cognitive function through other cognitive training exercises, including scrapbooking.

Caregivers report that the amazing benefits of scrapbooking for seniors includes better cognitive function. Seeing memories encourages the individual to recall people that have played an important role in their life. It works especially well when the senior is paired with someone else who encourages the telling of stories and verbal sharing of memories. Reports indicate that the more time an older person spends at the scrapbooking table, the more memory loss is delayed.

2. Improved Dexterity

Both age and certain illnesses, such as MS often rob seniors of their dexterity, something that’s very unsettling for individuals who always relied on their hands for hobby and work related practices. Although there is no scientific data measuring the psychological impact of dexterity loss, many people report that senior family members experienced more frequent bouts of depression as their hands stiffened

In many cases, loss of dexterity can be slowed and sometimes even reversed through occupational therapy. Scrapbooking involves a great deal of pasting, cutting, manipulating paper that uses fine motor skills. After just a few weeks of scrapbooking one or two hours a day, many report that not only do they notice improved hand coordination, but also have stronger fingers. As the individual’s dexterity improves, so does their ability to care for themselves. 

3. The Ability to Socialize

When care facilities decide they want their residents to experience the amazing benefits of scrapbooking for seniors, they should set aside a specific area for the activity and stock it with a wide assortment of supplies. This encourages the residents to gather in one place. In no time at all, there will be a large group of residents sitting at the scrapbooking tables, laughing, talking, and sharing memories.

Strong friendships will form in the scrapbooking area and the seniors who take part will be happier, healthier, and enjoy a higher quality of life than they did prior to starting their scrapbook.

Senior care facilities should encourage the friends and family of the residents to take part in the scrapbooking. In addition to bringing in photos and other family mementos, ask them to sit with the resident and put one or two pages together. The resident will love the extra attention and everyone will make happy memories that they’ll cherish forever.

Everyone at the Aged Care Channel is dedicated to the health and happiness of the UK's senior population. We’re proud of the training tools and resources we provide to senior care facilities throughout the country. If you have questions about the amazing benefits of scrapbooking for seniors or other activities that lead to a higher quality of life for older people, please contact us today.

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