ACC Course: Changing Urinary Catheters with Kate McLeod

A urinary catheter is a hollow tube that is inserted into the bladder to drain urine from the bladder. There are various reasons why a person receiving care might require a catheter. They include urinary retention, to bypass an obstruction or to maintain skin integrity when all conservation methods have failed. 


In the course Changing Urinary Catheters, we are joined by Subject Matter Expert Kate McLeod who is a Senior Clinical Nurse Advisor in Chronic and Complex Care (Continence). 

Kate explains the routes of catheterisation and the types of catheters used, demonstrates how to set up and insert a female, male and suprapubic catheter and discusses how to monitor a catheter once insitu and troubleshooting strategies. 

This course is supported with a suite of learning resources as well as skill assessments on setting up and inserting a female, male and suprapubic catheter. It is a highly instructional course that is a valuable teaching tool for staff new to catheterisation or as a great refresher for an experienced staff member who hasn’t performed the procedure for some time.