Dementia: Engaging a Person in Meaningful Activities

The term ‘activity’ traditionally conjures up images of craft groups, or people sitting in circles doing group activities and exercises. However, it can be too easy for individuals to be involved in these types of activities, without being ‘engaged’ with them. 

Dementia: Engaging a Person in Meaningful Activities

When we talk about ‘activity’ in care environments, and more particularly in dementia care, we are not simply referring to pre-arranged group activities and events, at pre-arranged times, in pre-arranged locations. It is more often about looking for, and creating, spontaneous opportunities for meaningful social interaction and stimulation. This may even be as simple as a brief one on one interaction or conversation that enriches a person’s life and contributes to a person’s feelings of worth and wellbeing. 

In the course we explore what is a meaningful activity is and provide suggestions for staff how to find opportunities to engage residents in a activity or interaction that is meaningful i.e. it should tap into a ‘need’ or something of personal significance to the individual. It is not simply about the ‘act’ of ‘doing’ something, it is about creating a positive feeling and a sense of fulfilment.

Available via ACC on demand, explore how to create personalised activities that enrich a person’s life and create a sense of wellbeing. 

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